Monday, September 5, 2011

The 5th

hey its been awhile since i do something for yaa. Hee. Hope you appreciate it as it might not be nice cause I'm in lack of idea and its kind of last minute.

Anyway,las time,before i know u,my life were empty and plain. It was just a normal days for kid to wake up in their bed, fool around, got in trouble, make fun of ourself and stuff. BUt everything change back 7 month ago. You came to my life. First of all, what i though was us,just gonna be a normal social site friends who do a meaningless meet up. But i was wrong. It grew deeper. Our friendship grew strong till we are in a relationship.
Yeah time pass by so fast. I still remember u told me that my feeling is just a major crush. I will only fall for u like only 4 month. But u are wrong! hahaha.

Talking about our relationship, recently our rs kind of sour at the moment. maybe till now? Yeah i do understand why. Im not a good man. i don't pray. Im not schooling. Not educated. Jobless and and has a bad history of background. Which it make me understand about why u don't see ur future being with me. I try to change mai. Which i did. And sometime its hard for me. it has to take time. But ill promise you i will change. and i need ur help to guide me along too. Please. I really love you a lot. Remember 26 june? The night after you proposed to me? You texted me saying that once you love,its hard for you to let it go. Same for me. I fall hard on you.

Last night i've made up my mind. I don't want us to be parted even for awhile. It really effect me a lot. Therefore, i want us to be back like how we used to and of cause get things more better for us. In a meanwhile, you can contact whoever you like. I won't against you. (: Meaning you can go out with ur old school friends. When out with your ex. Went out with faree and all without me. I will become and understanding person.(: hee And at the same time,if you really looking for your future, find the right one. (: Find someone better then me. But please along the way,stay with me till u have someone else. I can't let you go coz i love you mai. And i do this cause i want you to be happy. (:

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