Saturday, December 31, 2011

Your hazel green tint eyes watching every move I make.
And that feeling of doubt, it's erased.
I'll never feel alone again with you by my side.
You're the one, and in you I confide.

And we have gone through good and bad times.
But your unconditional love was always on my mind.
You've been there from the start for me.
And your love's always been true as can be.
I give my heart to you. I give my heart, cause nothing can compare in this world to you.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Falling in love with a girl for half a year. :)

You the most beautiful girl and the important person in my life. Never a day i regret being with you eventhou love life had been unstable. Coz the fight, the pain, the silent treatment, the jealousy give me strength of being in love. Love with someone special is a great thing in my life that i have encounter. It does fulfil my wish,my dream and teaches me a lot. The fun time we had,the tough time we fought, has always been a wonderful to me coz without that special person,never ever i had this kind of experient. And im thank god that that special person is you,maisarah. I love you alot, alot that no one can ever shower you with my love. Happy 6th month of month sary. :)

Friday, November 25, 2011

5th Monthsary!!!!

Happy 5th monthsary to me and boo! But you are away. :(
Its the 25th and its our 5th month! It must be special but youuuU!!!!!! Ditch me. :(
Lol. Nehmind for this 25th, now I'm making your metal smithing. hahaha. How sweet am I.
Ok luh. Im waiting for Maisarah binte Kamal to online. Something bad happened to her on paris.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Piece For My Girlfriend

Finally GF going for her holiday after her stress fully day over! Im happy for you. As you will be going to paris,one of your dream and london! Where skinhead were born. lol. :) But just hate it coz she will be leaving me for 2 weeks and for our 5th monthsary!!! Hate you a lot.

But I have a run for her. I need to represent for her during her submission on the 30th. Oh my I'm gonna be shy! Really! Hmmm but who cares. The most thing i have to fear is to wake up early! Amin.

Well while she away,i already plan on what I'm gonna do. She'll be leaving 2moro,23rd nov, wednesday. Just take note of the wednesday! Its wednesday night baby!!! Ok I'm going for the ladies night. Gonna go butter factory! Its been awhile since i club!!! And on friday on the 25th, i think I'm gonna be sad coz she's not here for our 5th monthsary! But never mind that,i already plan to go out. Does anyone know where is masjid Al-Kohol is? Hahahah. Im gonna drink with my friends man. Gonna get high like last time. lol. And for the rest of the week till end of this month,i think i just wanna go out chill with friends. I really gonna be the old way coz i miss so much. Gonna drink on weekend, smoking, clubbing, maybe try new things like smoking weed? and get so high! Yes!!! Hahahaha. This gonna be hell lots fun! Thanks MAISARAH for going holiday. Im gonna pretend that I'm sad when you leaving!

Alrite lets get the fact.


Dear Maisarah,

You gonna leave me,ditch me 2moro for euro guy. I hate you a lot. Lol. Ive already plan that while you are away,I'm gonna try to exercise a lot to lose weight of course and partly preparing for my NS. Im gonna play Sepak Takraw and skateboarding. So I'll be mostly spending time at tampines. On friday,25th , Im going for my friday prayers and maybe going out with my friends. Trust me I will behave and never flirt. But hey, promise me that try to contact me coz i bet ill be quiet sad as we didn't spend time together on that day. 30th, Ill be going over to your school to do what you ask me to do. Im quiet nervous coz ill be meeting your friends and teachers. 5th till 7th, Ill be working at MBS. And will be gladly for you to return to singapore. I wish to fetch you at airport. Insyallah i try. And for the rest of the day, I'm gonna exercise and i will miss you very much. :) Eventhough you are quite a bitch this past few days, i still loving you. Coz i know you are stressing out for your submission. But hey, no need to be a bitch right, biting, provoke, call me names, beat me, slap me, slap my head, pull my hair, pull my ear, punch on my stomach and on and on. You are cruel !!! Hahahaha. Kidding man. Actually I bersyukur coz you are being yourself and you not hiding your feelings. :) But yeah just don't be mean ok. lol. And hey, sorry for the surprise about faree sending you at airport. Coz she is sad that you are leaving & thats why I'm bringing her and wanted to surprise you. :) Alrite have a nice weekend syg. Take a lot of picture. Bring home something nice for me. Hee. And lastly, Do enjoy your holiday to PARIS & LONDON! Ill be waiting for you to come home safely. . . :)

Love you alot Maisarah binte Kamal.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sorrow sank deep inside my blood for all the ones around me i care for and love.

-M shadow

Monday, October 31, 2011

Am i right or im just being a fucking jealous guy? Urghhh!!! Mcm sial anjing.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

ArghhH!!!!! I fucking hate myself for loving you too much!!!!! This is hurting !!!!!!
Today was awesome!!! Spent time with girlfriend on our 4th of monthsary. We had our candle lite dinner at sofra turkish restaurant. Well i hope she like the present. And yeah after that was quite bored but hey thanks to her we played para-para sakura at arcade! lol... And yeah was expecting some goodbye kiss when i sent her but nahh. Lol.

Well here i am at home packing things to hanoi as im leaving 2moro! 27th oct.... Frankly speaking, im not packing stuff. Im thinking about when i leave. She is there to send me but im just too sad to leave her. Yeah i mean eventhough for 8 days but still we gonna seperate. Seriously,i think i will cry. ): coz rite now im just thinking about it can make me tears. Omg im sucha gay. Come on i should not be sad man. Gonna show her that im strong!!!!


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

4th monthsary!!!!!

Happy 25th of our 4th monthsary!!!!!

Anyway,called her and wished. But she fall asleep. Hoping to get a wish from her too actually. Sigh.

Dear god. This is my first relationship. Please be kind. Thank you.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Im on my way home... This sadden me. I have a girlfriend. But sometimes i doesnt feel like i have. Maybe she is tired? I get tired too. Just that i ignore the tiredness and give the full attention to her. Screw this. Im just being emo. Bye.

Saturday, October 15, 2011


How do u feel if ur bf/gf still texted his/her ex when u told them u dont like it??!

Friday, October 14, 2011

It hurt. But sometimes i pretend its not cause i hate when we both fighting.
Love life currently destroy me. I mean she did not. But the feeling i had over her is so strong, that it could effect me in a way when we fought. Im just being soooo jealous. She did contact her ex but without my acknowledgment . Is it right for her to do that? I'm so confuse. Am i being unreasonable? Idk man. All i ask is just for your love.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Your close friend or maybe can say your friend whom u always look up upon everything include love, told me that if someone really love someone else, she or he would always be by the side and always have you first in its mind.

She mention that if that person did not so, it means that the person isn't important in his/her life.

Idk man. I seems to fall hard for you. But is it worth it?
Baby i though u called me to cheer me up or listen to my problem. Instead, you gave a loud voice and told me to sleep. What I want is you to cheer me up. I need you but u can't be there for me. OMG I'm speechless.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Dark Has Past

Im sooo happy today. We joke,we laugh,we tease & we kiss! The dark has past i supposed. I love you.

Shisha at nab ins on 9-9-11

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Sometimes, you used to see me thru ur window after i sent you home. But everything change. Now you don't look forward to do it again.

Monday, September 5, 2011

The 5th

hey its been awhile since i do something for yaa. Hee. Hope you appreciate it as it might not be nice cause I'm in lack of idea and its kind of last minute.

Anyway,las time,before i know u,my life were empty and plain. It was just a normal days for kid to wake up in their bed, fool around, got in trouble, make fun of ourself and stuff. BUt everything change back 7 month ago. You came to my life. First of all, what i though was us,just gonna be a normal social site friends who do a meaningless meet up. But i was wrong. It grew deeper. Our friendship grew strong till we are in a relationship.
Yeah time pass by so fast. I still remember u told me that my feeling is just a major crush. I will only fall for u like only 4 month. But u are wrong! hahaha.

Talking about our relationship, recently our rs kind of sour at the moment. maybe till now? Yeah i do understand why. Im not a good man. i don't pray. Im not schooling. Not educated. Jobless and and has a bad history of background. Which it make me understand about why u don't see ur future being with me. I try to change mai. Which i did. And sometime its hard for me. it has to take time. But ill promise you i will change. and i need ur help to guide me along too. Please. I really love you a lot. Remember 26 june? The night after you proposed to me? You texted me saying that once you love,its hard for you to let it go. Same for me. I fall hard on you.

Last night i've made up my mind. I don't want us to be parted even for awhile. It really effect me a lot. Therefore, i want us to be back like how we used to and of cause get things more better for us. In a meanwhile, you can contact whoever you like. I won't against you. (: Meaning you can go out with ur old school friends. When out with your ex. Went out with faree and all without me. I will become and understanding person.(: hee And at the same time,if you really looking for your future, find the right one. (: Find someone better then me. But please along the way,stay with me till u have someone else. I can't let you go coz i love you mai. And i do this cause i want you to be happy. (:

Friday, September 2, 2011


I dont seems to understand the feeling of love. Is it about you willing to die for them?

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Middle of the night

Well i cant sleep. IDK why but she kept running thru my mind.

Theres alot of "What If" on my though. But i just ignore and made a call to her. What i cant believe is that i cried when i heard her voice. It just that i miss her so much even though we already met in the afternoon. But her voice really break me down and i realize that i love her so much. I cant afford to lose her. But! I feel that she dont give a fuck at all. That is her attitude. Fuck The World.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Finally ive Got IT!!!

Haha and today was pretty awesome ! Yayness!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I felt Shit!

I really felt shit today. I mean it is great things after settle some thing. But then i get to know that she looking forward to it. Fuck it i really dont understand you.


We Fuck The Fake Shit !!!

Wanted stuff

There are a few things that i wanna get:

Macbook Pro.
New Slipper.
Necklace or choker.
Shoes !!!

The shit

I do shit and fuck up ur life.
But thats not what i intended to do.
I feel fuck too.

Happy but sad

Was suppose to be happy day on 25th but things get sour at the end of the day.