Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Today was awesome!!! Spent time with girlfriend on our 4th of monthsary. We had our candle lite dinner at sofra turkish restaurant. Well i hope she like the present. And yeah after that was quite bored but hey thanks to her we played para-para sakura at arcade! lol... And yeah was expecting some goodbye kiss when i sent her but nahh. Lol.

Well here i am at home packing things to hanoi as im leaving 2moro! 27th oct.... Frankly speaking, im not packing stuff. Im thinking about when i leave. She is there to send me but im just too sad to leave her. Yeah i mean eventhough for 8 days but still we gonna seperate. Seriously,i think i will cry. ): coz rite now im just thinking about it can make me tears. Omg im sucha gay. Come on i should not be sad man. Gonna show her that im strong!!!!


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